Parent’s Guide


We are glad that you and your child want to be part of the Civil Air Patrol.  We understand that it is your child that is joining but you are also committing to being supportive of them in this activity. The following is a very simple guide to help you and your child get started in Civil Air Patrol.

Meetings:  To begin attending meetings, your child will need black plain t-shirts, nice jeans, gym shorts & black t-shirt for Physical Training (PT) and tennis shoes.

Application: Our squadron requires prospective cadets to attend three or four meetings before discussing application. Four meetings provides the prospective cadet with a fair assessment of our unit’s mission, goals and activities. CAP is a commitment to be taken seriously. Once the commander or the deputy commander for cadets has approved the prospective cadet to apply, they may do so online or via paper application.

  • Paper applications can be found with a step by step instructions under “How to Join”. Membership dues for paper applications require a check or money order payable to Civil Air Patrol along the CAPF 15 application. Before mailing the completed application we suggest to retain a copy for your records.
  • Online applications are efficient, fast, and require the unit’s charter number, please use GA-153. Membership dues for online applications are payable with Visa, Mastercard, or Discover online.

Email Addresses: Make sure that the squadron has the right email addresses for both you and your child as emails with information and upcoming activities are sent out regularly.

Call in line: Please check the call-in line to get the most updated information for weekly meetings. (706-883-2121)

Waiting: While the application is processed, your future cadet can continue attending meetings and start working on the Curry. The only caveat at this point is that he/she will not be able to participate in some squadron activities until a membership number is issued. This is due primarily for compliance with CAP regulation and insurance purposes.

While waiting for the membership card to arrive, we encourage Parents to visit the Parents page (link bleow) and down load Parents' Guide and Today's Cadets and look at Frequently Asked Questions. This can be done before the cadet’s membership has been approved.

Parents Page

Membership Notice: The Commander will get notification of acceptance and then send you an email of your cadet’s membership number with instructions to validate membership number through eServices.

Membership Kit:  After application is completed, a few weeks later your cadet will receive a CAP ID Card and course materials from National (in a separate shipment). New cadets are encouraged to obtain a three-ring binder of their choice to store their Leadership materials.

Uniform details: The squadron does its best to issue uniforms, however, expect to purchase boots, shoes, and personalized items. Some patches and uniform insignia can be purchased form the squadron office. For all personalized items go to Vanguard Civil Air Patrol Online Store.

Items to obtain from Vanguard:

  • Name Tape (two tapes in an order)
  • Name Plate (blue with white letters)
  • Flight Cap device
  • BDU Cover
  • BDU Belt

Items available at our office:

  • CAP Tape
  • Georiga Wing Patch
  • Squadron Patch

Although each cadet gets a new free set of Blues from the Air Force ordered through eServices, these take a while to arrive, therefore each cadet will be fitted at the squadron for Blues and BDU’s first depending upon availability. Shoes- black oxfords, and boots can be purchased through web or military stores. More information along with a squadron t-shirt can be obtained from the commander or our supply officer.

Beginning 1 June 2015, CAP will provide a $100 voucher towards purchasing the blues uniform after the cadet earns the Curry. Please click on the link below.

Blue Uniform Voucher

For the privacy of our members our Facebook group page is open to squadron members only. However, as a parent, we encourage you to request membership. Click the link below for our Facebook page.


Meeting schedule, location, and Uniform of the Day (UOD):  We meet every Tuesday from 1800 to 2000 at the end of Aerotron Parkway in LaGrange, GA. (click here for directions) New cadets will wear plain black t-shirts and jeans until uniforms are issued. In general meeting schedule is as follows:

1st Tuesday: Safety. UOD: BDU's

2nd Tuesday: Physical Training UOD: 16 ounces of water. The uniform will be squadron shirt, BDU/ABU pants, tennis shoes, and a jacket/sweat shirt plain.

3rd Tuesday: Aerospace Education (AE) UOD: BDU’s, Emergency Services (ES) UOD: BDU’s

4th Tuesday: Moral Leadership. UOD: Blues

Months with a 5th Tuesday will have a special activity.  Schedule is subject to change.

If you have any questions you can ask any Senior Member or just look through the resources identified on this page and on our squadron page. If you have suggestions or concerns, please contact the Squadron Commander or the Deputy Commander for Cadets.

Our CAP squadron is always in search for Senior Members because they are the working back bone of a CAP squadron. Many rewarding opportunities await you as a CAP Senior Member, if you would like to volunteer with CAP, contact any Senior Member for details.