New Cadet Guide

Are you interested in aviation, or perhaps the military? Are you planning on going to college?  Are you between 12–21 years old?  If so, the Civil Air Patrol Cadet Program is for you.  If you are looking for a challenge, you could become a Cadet Member of the Civil Air Patrol, the Official Civilian Auxiliary of the U.S. Air Force. The following is a very simple guide to help you get started in Civil Air Patrol.

Meeting schedule, location, and Uniform of the Day (UOD):  To begin attending meetings, you will need black plain t-shirts, nice jeans, gym shorts & black t-shirt for Physical Training (PT) and tennis shoes. We meet every Monday from 1800 to 2000 sequentially with corresponding uniforms at the end of Aerotron Parkway in LaGrange, GA. (click here for directions)

In general meeting schedule is as follows:

1st Monday: Moral Leadership. UOD: Blues
2nd Monday: Physical Training/Safety UOD: PT uniform, black t-shirt and shorts
3rd Monday: Emergency Services (ES); UOD: BDU’s
4th Monday: Aerospace Education (AE); UOD: BDU’s

Months with a 5th Monday will have a special activity.  Schedule is subject to change.

Call in line: Please check the call-in line to get the most updated information for weekly meetings. (706-883-2121)

While the application is processed, cadets can continue attending meetings and start working on the Curry achievement.
Help for New Cadets: The link below will take you to the New Cadets page where you should click New Cadet Guide and Leadership Chapter 1. Please down load them and read to start working toward your Curry achievement.

Help for New Cadets

Uniform: Cadets wear uniforms as part of their leadership training. The uniform is a vehicle for learning self-discipline, personal responsibility, and self-respect.

Click on Uniforms on main web page to find information on the setting up and wearing of the uniforms.

Details: The squadron does its best to issue uniforms, however, expect to purchase boots, shoes, and personalized items. Some patches and uniform insignia can be purchased form the supply officer.

CAP name Tape: Georgia Wing Patch: Squadron Patch and t-shirt:    

For all personalized items go to Vanguard Civil Air Patrol Online Store.

Name Tape (two tapes in an order) Name Plate (blue with white letters) Flight Cap device: BDU Cover: BDU Belt:

Although each cadet gets a new free set of Blues from the Air Force ordered through eServices, these take a while to arrive, therefore each cadet will be fitted at the squadron for Blues and BDU Battle Dress Uniform (BDU)/ABU’s Airman Battle Uniform (ABU) first depending upon availability. Shoes- black oxfords, and boots can be purchased through web or military stores. Beginning 1 June 2015, CAP will provide a $100 voucher towards purchasing the blues uniform after the cadet earns the Curry.

Ribbon Rack Arranger

Memorized: As a Cadets you are required to have the following memorized by first promotion. Click the link below and download the PDF and memorized each of the following.


Cadet Oath: Cadet Honor Code: Core Values: CAP Motto: Squadron Values: Squadron Motto:

Cadet Super Chart: This PDF will help you show what you need to do for each rank and achievement.

Cadet Super Chart

Personal Cadet Tracker: This PDF will help track and let goals for your CAP progress.

Personal Cadet Tracker

Cadet Ranks: You will need to start familiarize yourself with the Cadet Ranks. Click on Cadet Ranks on main web page.

Customs & Courtesies: Cadets follow Air Force traditions as part of their leadership training. This includes rendering military customs and courtesies, wearing the uniform, and participating in drill and ceremonies. Air Force traditions inspire cadets to take their leadership training seriously. This PDF will help you understand basic rules for rendering military customs and courtesies.

Customs & Courtesies

Facebook: For the privacy of our members our Facebook group page is open to squadron members only. However, we encourage you to request membership. Please click with your partents before doing so. Click the link below for our Facebook page.


Miscellaneous:  If you have any questions you can ask any Senior Member or just look through the resources identified on this page and on our squadron page.