Lt. Elizabeth West

Joined CAP three years ago she has continued to grow in her leadership and planning skills. She has been a devoted member to CAP and continues to mentor and guide young cadets through Civil Air Patrol's challenging, but rewarding, journey. She has had the privilege to coordinate GA-153's involvement in three air shows and to have participated in two NCSAs.

Her training is varied and includes:

Wing Encampment
• Two Wing Emergency Service Schools and earning her GTM3 rating and Wilderness First Aid qualification
• E-tech and graduating as team honor cadet
• Powered Flight Encampment and pre-soloing

Lt. West's future in CAP will hopefully include:

• Attending Pararescue Orientation Course
• International Cadet Exchange
• Attending Advance E-tech
• Earning her Captain Rank
• Working toward her career goal of becoming a trauma nurse

Lt. West is planning fun and challenging activities/meetings where cadets can learn about Engineering, Aerospace, Ground Team, and how to efficiently accomplish a set mission.

“ I will guide and train my cadets so that they can become future leaders and accomplish their goals in CAP.”