1st Lt. Tanner Gale

1st Lt. Tanner Gale began his Civil Air Patrol career nearly three years ago and he has come a long way from fainting in formation.  Lt Gale has had many Civil Air Patrol experiences and taken many leadership schools from the squadron level to the region level, including:

Attended three encampments, including serving as Flight Commander at FLWG and Admin Officer at ILWG

Attended SER RCLS, FLWG CLA for SNCOA and Squadron NCOA.

Two Ground Team training FTX’s. and one ranger school

Attended two National Flight Academies, in Illinois and Nebraska, at both.  He also earned 20 hours towards his private pilot license which he plans to complete in the near term.

Lt Gale’s future Civil Air Patrol include:

Attending Blue Beret, International Cadet Exchange, Civic Leadership Academy and obtaining Spaatz.
Lt Gale plans to work toward becoming a large aircraft pilot.  He is currently evaluating all possible avenues to reach this goal. 

Lt Gale plans to work very hard to continue to instill Civil Air Patrol’s mission and core values as he leads the squadron as Cadet Commander. Lt Gale’s overall goal is to use his background and experience to positively mentor the future leaders of the squadron.