Battle Dress Unifrom (BDU)

The Battle Dress Uniform is worn once or more monthly to cadet meetings, on aerospace or emergency services training nights. The Battle Dress Uniform is also the typical uniform for CAP activities. It is to be worn properly and inspection ready at all times.

The Civil Air Patrol Manual 39-1 is the most up to date uniform manual, as updated by National Headquarters. Be sure to review the CAPM39-1 in addition to the information below to verify it's accuracy and remain up to date.

Cadets will be required to purchase their own BDU uniform. They can be obtained at Military Surplus, or purchased online. Cadets will also need to purchase their own insignia and patches from Vanguard, and their own boots. Cadets will also need to purchase a squadron cover at their next meeting.




  • Basic cadets are to wear the black squadron 153 covers which can be purchased at the squadron.

  • The Georgia wing patch will be worn on the left shoulder, the middle point 3/8" below the sleeve seam, centered. The tips of the wing patch should touch the seam.

  • Cadets are only authorized to wear black shirts under their BDU blouse.

  • Sleeves are to be worn up or down as a squardon.

  • Boots are to be bloused and be properly shined.