The Air Force style blues are worn twice monthly, on character development nights and leadership nights, and at some Civil Air Patrol activities. Because the Air Force style blues represent the United States Air Force and those who serve in it, it is expected that cadets wear their uniform properly. Respect for the uniform means abiding by the uniform guidelines at all times while wearing the uniform.

The Civil Air Patrol Manual 39-1 is the most up to date uniform manual, as updated by National Headquarters. Be sure to review the CAPM39-1 in addition to the information below to verify it's accuracy and remain up to date.

Blues uniforms can be obtained for free from Civil Air Patrol after joining via E-Services. Cadets will be required to register for E-Services to do so. Additional blues uniforms or replacements can be purchased at any Air Force Base or online at Vanguard. Cadets will be responsible for purchasing their own insignia from Vanguard, which is to initially include the enlisted cap device, CAP Insignia, and a nameplate. Cadets will also need to purchase their own low quarter black leather dress shoes.





  • Cadets are not to wear incomplete, dirty, or wrinkled uniforms. Uniforms are to be inspection ready at all times.

  • Uniforms are to be ironed and cleaned for all meetings and activities.

  • Males wear the top of the flight cap pinched closed, females wear the flight cap open.

  • Cadets are to have a proper gig line at all times when wearing blues. This means, the line down the center of the shirt is to line up with the belt buckle and the pants line as well.

  • The belt buckle is to be shined and show brass on brass as shown in the uniform guides above, the tip extends just to the edge of the buckle.

  • Cadets are to wear shirt garters when wearing the blues uniform to keep it tight and presentable.

  • The cadet tuck is to be practiced at all times. The cadet tuck means cadets place their index and middle fingers in below the pants under the belt and push all excess shirt to their sides.

  • Low quarter shoes are to be properly shined at all times. Corarframs (shiny plastic) is only allowed for cadet officers and senior members.